Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween was a little scarier this year

Halloween was all it was meant to be last night....
a night for neighbors welcoming each other with chocolate,
happy faced jack o lanterns lighting up sidewalks and doorways,
and children running from house to house squealing for candy.
But my favorite part of Halloweenwas seeing all the cute kids
decked out as super heroes and princesses, displaying their finery,
as they rang the door bells and asked for treats.
But there has been a shift in our own household over the past few years
in the area of costuming.
We seem to be leaning toward the dark side.
Here are our Halloween pictures from 4 years ago.

Addison as a wee (somewhat subdued) Peter Pan.
Will as a serious Luke Skywalker, full of the Force.

Jack as a joyful Qui Gon Jinn Jedi Master, right and good.
All bringers of light and justice and fighters of evil.
And here is our Halloween picture from this year.
Addison as a malicious Darth Vader, destroyer of the Empire.
Will as a rakish Will Turner, swashbuckling pirate extraordinaire.
And Jack as Al Capone, gangster and lover of a good machine gun.
Clearly, there has been a shift.
And this is the children reigned in.
Addison, my sweet 5 year old, wanted to go as the Grim Reaper.
To this I said, "No, you are not going as Death to trick or treat.
Why in the world would you want to go as the Grim Reaper?"
Jack said, "Mom, he does have a cool scythe and that nice hoodie."
Nice hoodie aside....no thank you.
I'm hoping for a pendulum swing next year in the costume department.
Maybe a saintly John the Baptist or a rugged football player or a return to
the good side of the Force would be nice.
A mother can dream, can't she?

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Lora said...

That's so funny, Sue. Josiah wanted to be the Grim Reaper this year too. What in the world? I talked him into Mario (tried to get Parker to be Luigi, but it only worked for about 5 minutes). Love the boys' costumes!