Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a different kind of christmas carol

This past Sunday we had our first ever kids
 mini-Christmas concert at Pathway.
16 boys and girls dressed in their Christmas finery ages 2-10.
All the children arrived early with their parents for a dress rehearsal.
They formed a straight line at the front of the Tapestry church
coffee shop where our church meets on Sunday afternoons.
I gave a few directives, "Everyone keep their eyes on me" and
"Don't pull your dress up" and began the first song.
A ruckus broke out at one end of the line.
Of course, all ruckus's involve my children.
There was a shout from Jack at which point
 I saw him grab his younger brother's head
and hurl him to the ground.
The violence was somewhat dischordant with the song
we were singing about God's great love.
I intervened putting both children on time out
all the while still trying to lead
and perform the corresponding hand motions.
I hissed at Jack, "What in the world?"
He hissed back, "He hit me in the privates."
Attacking your sibling's nether regions is also dischordant
with the song of God's great love.
Addie looked forlorn, "Sorry, Jack."
He knew he had crossed a terrible line. It showed on his face.
He didn't complain about being thrown to the floor by his head.
I think he felt he had it coming.
We had to start the song over. Sometimes you just can't recover.
The rest of the children followed with intent,
performing the hand motions and singing their hearts out.
Crisis averted. I returned Addison and Jack to opposite ends of the line.
I learn from my mistakes.
When it came time for the actual performance,
it went off without a hitch.
Dresses were kept at down. No injuries were inflicted.
And the kids sang strong and true.
After the first song, my 2 year old nephew Drew, piped up,
 "We do' the motions!" Which they did.
And you could see the parents' joy as they watched their kids
You heard it in their applause and in the strength of their voices
when they joined us in singing our last song, Away in a Manger
It felt like Christmas. Voices ringing out in song and joy filling the air.
I think a new Pathway tradition has been formed.
Except for the pre-Christmas concert wrestling show.
That part we'll leave out.


lyndabyrd said...

with kids, the rule of thumb is " rough rehearsal, great show! thanks for sharing! Merriest of Christmas to you and yours!

Shane said...

I mostly watched Drew because he was so stinkin' into it for a two year old. My son did a couple of Yoda impersonations, and Addie V. was projecting and emoting. It was great! After wards, when you said "Kids go find your parents," Jenny picked up Drew and he said "I need to find my parents!"