Wednesday, January 4, 2012

thoughts on the new year

So this tired supergirl has been off the grid for the last two weeks.
Because the children were home and the holidays are all consuming.
I am sure I am not alone in this.
It is no small miracle that the children were bundled off to school
this morning with lunches and clean underwear.
We are finally back home from our time with family in Colorado and
are getting back into the swing of things...sort of.
I can never feel like I am in full swing of the New Year until the
Christmas tree is down and that has not yet come to pass.
It is turning a lovely shade of brown green in my living room even as
I type.
That must be dealt with.
Does anyone know if there are Christmas tree fairies who can come
and take down my tree and re-pack the Christmas detritus in its boxes?
If so, send them over ASAP.
I have been thinking about some new resolutions for this year.
I went back to my journal last year and looked over my resolutions
and after page 5, realized I was crazy nuts to write so many
resolutions. I was doomed from the start.
Yes, you read that correctly. 5 pages. Crazy. Nuts.
That would be me.
So this year I have two resolutions.
To follow hard after God.
To love people more. And better.  More better.
The two great commandments that Jesus gave.
Because I have been thinking about this life that God has given me.
I am coming to find I must hold it lightly and reverently because
it is hard and fragile and beautiful and I have no idea what is
around the next corner.
But God does and if I chase after him he won't let me down.
He will take care of me
And he has, in turn, given me people to take care of.
And if I can think a little less about me and little more about them
we will all be better off.
These are going to be easier to remember than 5 pages of
I know they will be more difficult to do.
But the good stuff always is.
And this year, I am praying for a lot of good stuff.
For clarity and hope and strength and courage and wisdom and joy.
For you and me both.
Let's hope the Christmas tree fairies show up and get us off to a good start.

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Julie said...

Best resolutions I've heard so far! I generally don't make resolutions, but those might be worthy of trying...