Tuesday, February 7, 2012

don't mess with the 5 year old

Every night Scott  and I put the boys to bed, say a prayer over them
and turn out the lights in their room.
We think they should immediately go to sleep...this rarely happens.
Of all the boys, our 8 year old Will, has the toughest time settling down.
He wants to get up for water, give more kisses, sneak papers and pencil
under the covers so he can draw or torment his brother, Addison, who shares his room.
Usually, Addison, the 5 year old, is up for playing along and tormenting Will back.
However, the other night when Will was supposed to be going to sleep
he decided to serenade Addison with a made up song.
After a few minutes, Addison said, "I don't like that song, Will."
Will just added a few more verses and sang louder.
Finally, Addie said loudly, "What part of 'I don't like that song' don't you understand?"
I'm not sure when my kindergartener turned into a mob boss but one thing is clear,
Will better learn how to fall asleep quicker or he may be sleeping with the fishes soon.
Those would be goldfish crackers, in Addie's case.

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