Thursday, February 2, 2012

bonbon-charm- is-famous giveaway

Many of you know that my sister, Erica Clements, is a jewelry designer.
Bonbon Charms is her online store and she makes the coolest stuff.

I am not biased. I promise.
Recently, one of her customers told her she had found out about  
Bonbon Charms reading one of Debbie Macomber's books.
Debbie Macomber is a famous author.
Debbie received a Bonbon bracelet from a friend,
each charm on the bracelet was a 
different word that meant something special to her.
And Debbie mentioned this in her new inspirational book,
How totally cool is that?

So in celebration of Bonbon being in a book for the first time,
we are having a giveaway.
A oh so cute tag charm from Bonbon.

Leave your name and email in the comments 
on this post or on the All I Need is Jesus FB page
for a chance to win.
Link to the giveaway on your blog or facebook 
and mention it in your comment for a second entry.
Winner will be chosen at random and announced one 
week from today on Thursday February 9. 

For those of you who can't wait that long and you
feel that you need a Bonbon to wear right now,
get 20% off your orders at Bonbon Charms for the
next week using the discount code TSG.

This is getting fun!


Amy Bowling said...

Have you read the book? Is it any good? Love Erica's stuff, I have several necklaces from her :^)

Amy B.


true2217 said...

good news. youtube ucc
it's very important.

Sheila said...

I would LOVE to win! posted it on my facebook. congrats to your sistah...that's so fun!

Anna said...

So exciting!! Thank you for the opportunity! Blessings!!

Unknown said...

Dana Ramsey
I was wondering if Erica can come to the retreat with you ?

Randi said...

I love Bonbon tags. Thanks for the opportunity to win a sweet treat!

Gena said...

I read Debbie's article last month, I think, in Guideposts magazine. Love Bonbon Charms!

Gena said...

Just posted this on my blog!

Rachel said...

I love Debbie Macomber and I really love all of Erica's designs!!!

eve austin said...

you Foth sisters are getting more famous every day!
I love giveaways!
Eve Austin

Unknown said...

Love Bonbon!
Kristy McIntyre

Jacob Mockbee said...

LOVE Debbie Macomber books and LOVE bonbon charms! So cool!

Jacob Mockbee said...

LOVE Debbie Macomber books, LOVE bonbon charms! So cool!

Jacob Mockbee said...

LOVE Debbie Macomber books and LOVE bonbon charms! So Cool!

Faith-Dawn said...

Congrats Erica! What a generous way to celebrate!

Faith Vincent

Unknown said...

That is really cool for Erica.

Unknown said...

I am the unknown of the post above.

Wife Goes On said...

I'd love love love to win. IN the middle of my bangs look good and love your writing!