Sunday, February 26, 2012

the plague is here

The past five days we have been dealing with the plague here in the
Aughtmon home.
High fevers, flu and hacking coughs have been the norm.
There is always a sense of sadness in the air when sickness abounds.
Normally bouncy children lay lethargic on the couch
wrapped in blankets, sipping juice from straws.
Normally cheerful husbands are not so cheerful
as they aresurrounded by tissues and cool washcloths.
Weeping comes easier and complaints of aches and chills abound.
It is sad.
And I am equally sad since I am the maid of all.
Fetching, carrying, delivering medicines, rubbing backs, refreshing drinks,
soothing cranky persons (myself included), and praying for a
swift and complete healing.
(Please, God, the sooner the better!)
I can't remember the last time all 4 of my boys (included the big one)
were taken out by the flu.
The front room has become an infirmary.
We pulled out the sofa bed and all four of them have taken up their own corner
of misery, waiting it out, watching reruns of old cartoons on Net Flix.
They have become obsessed with the thermometer taking their temperatures
every 5 minutes calling out, "It's still over 100, mom!"
As if you can not tell this by looking at their bright eyes and flushed faces.
This morning is the first morning since Tuesday
 that their skin has been cool to the touch.
I can see a light at the end of the coughing tunnel.
The endless cups of orange juice and hot tea may be on their way out.
They are starting to fight with each other...
another sign that life could soon be returning to normal.
So I wait with baited breath, thermometer in hand
and the firm hope that tomorrow
a great and glorious thing will take place.
It is the hope that tomorrow at 8:00 am, plague free and happy,
untouched by fever for  a whole 24 hour period,
my children will be able to make their way back to school.
For those of you dealing with a dark flu or cold bug,
don't be scared to dream big like me....sometimes dreams come true.

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