Wednesday, February 22, 2012

beauty crisis averted

A few days ago my friend, Barbie and I went to a salon.
Sometimes we treat ourselves to a pedicure when we get together.
Her sister, Leslie, sent us there telling Barbie,
"We must do a toenail intervention on Sue's behalf."
She had seen my bare feet bearing the remnants of the last
pedicure I November.
Two tiny slashes of purple graced the tops of my big toes
and that was it.
Apparently, it had disturbed her.
She was not letting me leave Texas in such a haphazard state.
Upon enterring the salon, Barbie informed the woman at the
front desk that I would also be getting my eyebrows waxed.
"I will?" I said, looking at Barbie.
"Yes," she said, "I am making an investment in your marriage."
She has heard me tell of Scott's appreciation of a finely arched brow.
I consider myself pretty low maitenance.
I use a modicum of makeup
and I'm a minimalist when it comes to hair
but I do try and take care in my appearance
so as not to embarrass the children.
However, sometimes life gets in the way and
I end up with unruly Brooke Shields eyebrows
and feet that make people uncomfortable.
Clearly, I have let myself go.
That is when true friends step in and take action.
I now have beautifully pedicured toes in a rosy red shade
and a winsome lift to my eyebrows.
I have full assurance that if at some point in my elder years,
I sprout a mustache, Barbie and Leslie will take me in hand
and deliver me up to a fully licensed laser specialist.
Or if I take to wearing mumus and clogs that they will call
Stacy and Clinton and have me lined up as the next
contestant on What Not To Wear.
And while I am truly thankful for their friendship in so many ways....
I'm thinking Scott is even moreso.

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