Monday, February 20, 2012

a weekend with the girls

This weekend has been spent in Texas with my college roommates.
Barbie, Leslie and Cherlynn.
I roomed with all of them for a year.
(Why did they only last a year with me? They are too kind to say....)
Our friend, Missy, had to miss out due to a violent cold...
this only means we are going to have to do it again soon so she
can join in the fun.
Sometimes the soul needs to be filled with time spent with those
who have known you in your most formative years.
We shared terrible hair and heart break during our college years.
We pulled pranks and laughed and got way too little sleep.
We learned about life and Jesus and the fact that we really didn't
understand all....during those years.
And this weekend we reminisced and laughed and tried
to remember why life seemed so big and overwhelming at 18.
How a boy could turn your world upside down with a look
and why we suffered untold angst trying to put outfits together.
The angst was apparently, called for.
The early 90's were not good years for fashion.
Our many pictures attest to this.
But we fell into the same pattern of laying on the bed
and chatting, of sharing truth with each other, of tearing
up with laughter as easily as if we were dropping
by each other's room in the dorms.
It all ends tomorrow as Cher and I head back home.
But it has been like a long drink of joy being with each other
for these past few days.
We don't take it lightly. We know how precious it is.

Me, Cher and Barbie.

Me and Leslie.

Me and Missy. (Can't wait til next time, Missy!:))

This is the good stuff.

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