Tuesday, March 6, 2012

apples and other things we crave

Chapter 4: I Crave Apples and Other Things That Don't Satisfy Me
Ever since the garden, humankind has been on a mad rampage
to fill the creeping brokenness that pervades our lives.
There is a pit that continues to grow inside us.
Our existence is not what it was originally designed to be.
We are empty and long to be full.
We flit from one apple to the next trying to get satisfied
and its just not working.

I Blame Eve:
Freedom From Perfectionism, Control Issues 
and the Tendency to Listen to Talking Snakes
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Belle said...

It is that emptiness that drives us to the arms of God. We can actually be glad for it!

susanna said...

That is a great point, Belle! I love that!