Friday, March 9, 2012

i found a cure for my nervousness

As some of you know, once I started writing,
I started getting invited to speak publicly.
While I loved that God was opening new doors for me to walk through
those doors seemed to launch me into a high state of anxiety that I
had never felt before.
I became a virtual sweat factory. Not a pretty picture I know.
This was also accompanied by some severe knotting of the stomach
muscles and a lovely case of cotton mouth.
Clearly, I am enchanting right before I have to get up and talk.
But now that I have been speaking for 3 years,
it has been slowly.....very slowly...been getting better.
Once I get going, the perspiration seems to level off and I
get to enjoy the connection of sharing with the folks I am speaking too.
This has been a great development.
But thanks to a new discovery on youtube,
I think my nervous days are over.
Going forward I will not have to be nervous or sweaty before I speak
because I can just get up on stage and practice this set of stress releasing exercises
and everything will apparently level out.
This has revolutionized everything. Thank you, Tim Hawkins, you are my hero!


McLesP said...

I've already practiced it with JD at least twice. That is all I will say.

owen said...

You start your talk with that routine, and I'll fly all the way down from Canada to see and hear you!

Sheila said...

I LOVE THAT! I just got the biggest gut busten giggle out of that. We love Tim Hawkins, we watch his banana tour video on road trips over and over. I don't speak publicly but I have been asked to speak in front of church a couple time for silly stuff...I hear ya sweatin' like a stuck pig! AND and my chin quivers like I'm gonna cry...weird. I think the pastor thinks so too, cause he hasnt asked me up in a while ; D

Laura said...

Goin' to see Tim for the first time in a couple of weeks! Thanks for the intro!

pamelitarose said...

Love it!!