Sunday, March 25, 2012

a celebration is in the works

One of the things that my parents did a fantastic job of was celebrating
things that were important when we were growing up.
Mile markers in our lives and through out the year
were brought attention to.
The first day of the school year? A trip to Baskin Robbins.
Birthdays? Mom would make the dinner of  our choice 
and Dad took off work to take us out to lunch - just the two of us.
Easter Sunday? Easter outfits. New clothes were always a big deal.
We wore a lot of hand me downs in those days.
Valentine's Day? A small gift on each dinner plate...
a symbol of their love and affection for us.
Any award, any milestone, and accolade was always celebrated with a 
meal or a card or on more than one occasion a scoop of mint chip.
It didn't have to be a huge overblown gala but we knew that there were
days that were special and in short, that we were special, too.
This has trickled down to us kids as adults..
many a year I have called my sister, Erica,
the first week in September and headr her say,
 "We're on our way to ice's the first day of school."
My brother Chris, got great news on a project he was working on
and the firstthing us girls were thinking of was
we wished we could be there with him to celebrate.
Just last night, Jenny said, "We must have new outfits for Easter!"
(We Must!)
Sometimes it is easy to got caught up in the mundane, the angst ridden,
the hard things in life...because they are a-plenty.
But sometimes it is good to mark a day, an occasion, a moment with
eyes lifted up, a heart of thanks and a piece of cake.
It reminds us to be grateful for the good things that are taking place in
our lives and hopeful for the many blessings that God has planned for
us in the future. Because He has blessed us so much.
Life has gotten away from me these past few months
with speaking engagements,
writing projects and family birthdays and I have not had the time
(or the energy) to plan a book launch party for I Blame Eve
which comes out in, oh, let's see, 7 days.
But it would be wrong to let the moment pass without celebrating...
because once more God has allowed me to chase my dream of writing
and see it come to fruition and that is no small thing...
(not after 10 years of rejection letters it isn't.)
So I told my friend, Marty, on the phone the other day,
I think we need to have some apple pie in Eve's honor after church next Sunday night.
A marking of time, a holy moment with some pie a la mode.
Because it seems right and because, like Jenny says, we must!


Belle said...

Your parents were so wonderful to do those things! You are right, we should celebrate each event in our lives. I've kind of gotten away from that. It is great to celebrate your book coming out in some special way.

*Ruthie said...

What a great reminder to celebrate along the way. My parents did similar things growing up... and those little things are so memorable. Other kids in the neighborhood had huge birthday parties with inflatables and clowns... but we were just as happy getting to stay home from school on Ukrainian Christmas... just because! Thanks for the reminder. Excited about your new book!

PS: You should give your dad a cut of your royalties. He spoke at my church in DC this weekend... and totally talked you up! With a video and all. That's how I found your blog. :) Love it!