Wednesday, March 14, 2012

sometimes things leak

The other day the boys and I went to the car wash
after I picked them up from school.
We made an occasion of it, stopping by a near by cup cake store
to get some mini cupcakes to snack on while we were sitting
under the spray.
It is one of those cool touchless car that sprays all around the car
using all variety of water speeds and douses the car with multiple
cleaning agents.
The best part is when it shoots out a rainbow colored foam
that smells like cherries.
Our favorite. So pretty. Obviously, we are easily entertained.
As we entered the car wash, we settled into munching
our mocha creme cupcakes and sat back to enjoy the show.
Until a cry went up from the back seat.
"Mom, the water is coming in!"
"Through the sun roof!"
I looked up and the sun roof was closed.
At least it looked closed. The fabric cover was covering the sun roof.
I looked over my shoulder to see tell tale water
dripping into the back seat.
I had a moment of panic looking at the panel of buttons
that navigate the sun roof.
I don't really use the sun roof that often.
I was pretty sure if I tried to close it I would send it flying open,
exposing us to the full deluge of car wash water.
So I decided to weather the flood rather than try
and understand the sunroof.
I set my cupcake down. This was serious.
It was at this point that the corner of sunroof above my lap
sprung a leak.
I grabbed a cupcake napkin that was roughly the size of a silver dollar.
to try and stem the flow. No bueno.
At this point, the touchless car wash unleashed
the full fury of its water power on us,
sending a steady stream of cool water pouring down my head,
achieving a nicewater fall effect as it cascaded down my shirt,
and pooled nicely in my lap.
"Boys! Help me!"
I immediately had the offering of a shiny green binder stuck in my face.
Why, I am not sure, since binders have very little absorption ability.
The binder was accompanied by some raucous laughter as the
children enjoyed the sight of my car wash baptism immensely.
Apparently, seeing mom doused is infinitely better
than rainbow colored foam
At the end of the cash wash, I pulled out into the sun
and finally adjusted the sunroof.
Which still didn't seem to be open to the naked eye
but had somehow been open enough to dump
a kiddie pool's worth of water into my lap.
I looked up into the review mirror, "Alright....we're ready to go."
I caught several grins looking back at me and my damp head assuring
me that this was their favorite car wash ever....
even without the cupcakes.