Sunday, April 15, 2012

rock paper scissors revisited

Yesterday morning, my 6 year old, Addison,
came and crawled in bed next to me.
We were snuggly and warm and neither of us really wanted to get up.
But breakfast was calling
(or I should say the other children were calling for breakfast)
so Addie and I decided to play a round of rock-paper-scissors
to see who would get out of bed first.
Round 1: rock vs. rock
Round 2: Addie waited until I put out rock and he put out paper.
"Hey, you can't wait until I do rock and then put out paper!"
He giggled.
Round 3: scissors vs. gun
"What is that?"
"A laser."
"A laser? Since when does rock-paper-scissors have a laser?"
"It's extreme rock-paper-scissors."
Round 4: one index finger pointing up vs. arms spread wide as if holding a giant ball.
"What is the that?" Addie asked of my finger pointing to the sky.
"A stick of dynamite." I said grinning, excited by my own creativity.
"What do your arms mean?" I asked
Addie grinned bigger, "God."
"God?  If you are God than you win every time!"
Bigger grin. "Yep."
Addie went holy on me. There was no way I could top it.
I got up and made breakfast.

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