Wednesday, April 18, 2012

check out the i blame eve blog tour

It is humbling and exciting to read what people are saying about I Blame Eve.
I think the best part for me as the author is having the reader/reviewer say,
"I identify with this book! I see myself in it!"
(The other best part is when they say they like it, I'm not going to lie!)
But most of all, I love that there are so many of us
on this journey of following the path God has for us,
owning up to our stuff, asking for his help and getting free!

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Enjoy! (and thanks to all you fantastic readers/reviewers out there!)


Sheila said...

Need to get this book! I loved your first two.

susanna said...

Thanks, Sheila! I hope that I Blame Eve encourages you like crazy! :)