Tuesday, May 15, 2012

i get so emotional baby

So a few weeks ago I posted about the fact that life has me in
its crazy grip and Scott has asked that I wear a broach to let him
know when I am overly emotional so he can handle me with care.
He has asked me to do this for years and I have ignored his plea for
pins warning him of my emotional imbalances.
This morning Scott told me a package arrived for me when I had
been gone speaking over the weekend.
I opened it to find this pin.....

I immediately put it on. In case you can't tell what it says, here is a close up.

Caution.  Warning.  Emotional.

I immediately put it on.
Kim, a multi talented frend from our DC days, made it and sent it to me.
I especially love the rain drop theme she has going on.
Kim doesn't know it but I think she just saved my marriage.
This could revolutionize the way Scott and I communicate entirely.
Husbands everywhere may soon be contacting her asking
for their own emo jewelry.
I plan on wearing it for the entire month of May.
It has been one of those months.
Maybe some of you have had a month like mine....
a little stressful...wild and...unpredictable.
For those of you who don't have a friend like Kim to make you a pin
try a post it note on the forehead...
I think it will do in a pinch.


Unknown said...

I can so relate to your post today, Susanna! I think that your friend should make more pins for you to sell at your book table for our retreat this year!

Love ya,


Kim said...

Sue, glad you like it!