Tuesday, May 22, 2012

summer is almost here

Yesterday Scott and I sat down to plan our summer.
Because the kids are out of school in three weeks and we thought
it might be good to get something on the calendar .
And because the only thing printed on there was Fourth of July.
And that was because it came printed on the calendar.
Somehow spring has gotten away from us and it's time to pull out
the flip flops and beach towels.
I always look forward to summer.
The relaxed schedule. The lazy mornings. The sleeping in.
And then there is the throwing off of school uniforms and 
donning shorts.
Which is a good thing since Addison is wearing high waters at 
this point and Jack and Will don't own a single pair of khakis
that aren't ventilated (ie holes in the knees).
I refuse to buy new pants 3 weeks before school is out...
since there is no guarantee that they will also not be ventilated on
the first day of wear.
Luckily, my children could care less...this is the bonus to having boys.
The other things I am looking forward, too, is time by the pool.
Scott's mom has a pool at her condo that we invade on a regular basis.
My sister-in-law Cheri and I already have dibs on the good chairs.
I may have to bring a pitcher of the homemade watermelon slushy
I made yesterday.

They are super easy:
1 C ice
2 C watermelon
Juice of 1/2 a lime
Blend in blender until slushy.

You might to need to make some, too. 
Because summer is almost here.

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