Tuesday, June 26, 2012

he had flip flops on...that's what's important

Every summer we go from the threadbare shoes of the school year
to a new pair of flip flops. 
Flip flops are our friend in the summer.
They are water proof. They are relatively inexpensive. They are air conditioned.
We love them.
Last week, we were heading up to Scott's mom's for a swim in their pool.
And I gave the official "we are going" yell:
"Everybody get your shoes on, grab your towel and get in the car!"
It's always a small miracle when we are all buckled in, ready to go, in the car.
Upon arrival at the condo, I happened to glance at my children.
Sometimes I do that.
And did a double take at Addison's feet.
He had obeyed my instructions. He had shoes on.

One of my green flip flops and one of Scott's black one's.
He seems very pleased with himself, doesn't he?
Next time I'll have to be more specific in my yelling....
"Everyone put on your very own shoes that are in your size and
please make sure they are a matched pair...thank you very much!"
This summer is looking to be full of surprises.

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