Friday, June 22, 2012

it's not every day you run into a pole....

Yesterday, when I was at Addie's old preschool getting ready to teach,
 I ran into one of our old youth kids.
It was so good to see her. She was getting ready to head up to youth camp.
We were walking across the patio and chatting.
I was so enthralled with what she was saying that
I didn't notice the pole directly in front me.
Until I ran my eyebrow into it.
I'm not going to shocked me. It shocked her.
I shook it off, laughing and went into the class.
It was smarting a little but when I looked in the mirror there wasn't a mark.
When I got home a few hours later I was talking on the phone with my sister Erica
and Jack caught sight of me.
"Mom, that is HUGE! What is it? Can I touch it?"
Ever moving closer to my face.
"No, you can't touch it...what are you talking about...what do you want to touch?"
(Never say yes when children ask to touch something on your face even if you don't
know what it is.)
Phone still in hand, I went and looked in the mirror....
"Sweet Mercy!"
A purple horn that had grown out of the side of my head.
"Now can I touch it?"
"No! You can't touch it!"
Clearly, the run in with the pole had left its mark.
I look a little bit like a unicorn...if unicorns kept their horns on their eyebrows.
Erica asked to be sent a picture...because sometimes we need to laugh.
But I asked my sister in law Cheri to take a picture and they were so horrifying
I made her erase all of them.
So I took one this's not quite as huge or as purple but there is a definite
Frankensteinian ridge of an eyebrow that I have never had before.
It is an interesting look. It is also still painful to the touch.
I know this since Addison poked his small finger directly in its center.
He caught me off guard...or I would have protected myself from my children's 
probing fingers. 
Needless to say, it's an exciting way to start the weekend.
And now me and my horn are going to take the boys swimming at Grandma's.
And I will be wearing sunglasses. 

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