Monday, August 6, 2012

laundry day (a sing-along)

Laundry seems to be a running theme at my house.
With 3 small boys and one big one, there is an endless supply
of dirty socks, jam stained tea shirts and moldering towels.
I remember reading in one of my magazines about the idea
of having a laundry day.
It seemed like a beautiful orginizational idea.
You simply set aside one day a week to devote to laundry.
Then, magically, at the end of the day all of your dirty laundry
is fresh and clean and put away and you don't have to do laundry
for another week.
That sounds like heaven.
But clearly the author of this article lived at home by herself
and only had two outfits...
the one she was wearing and the one she was washing.
I, on the other hand, have let my laundry go for 3 days
and can barely clear a path from the laundry area to the kitchen.
The children have taken to jumping the overstuffed hampers like Olympic hurdles.
So this morning when I woke up and was accosted by 4...
no, 5... full hampers of laundry in the hallway, this song came to me...
(sung to the tune of the Beatles "Yesterday")

Laundry Day, empty hampers seem so far away
I have 23 full loads today.
Oh, how you mock me, Laundry Day.

Suddenly, I have half the Zout Spray that I need,
13 pairs of jeans with grass stained knees .
Oh, Laundry Day came suddenly.

I told all my boys, "Here's your stuff to put away."
I found 3 more loads, now I'm stuck with Laundry Day.

Laundry Day, fluff and fold is not a game to play,
You are never very far away.
Oh, everyday is Laundry Day.....

(sing it with me)
Oh, everyday is Laundry Day.


melpbaby said...

We have a hamper in the hall that I found one day not only full, but full and stacked up against the wall with laundry clear up to the ceiling. No joke.

I sing along with you. Cheers! :)

susanna said...

I would love to see a picture of that! Thanks for singing with me, Melanie!

pamelitarose said...

Sue! You would survive well in my house...first off, with 5 people as well (2teen girls & 2 boys, 1 big & 1 small) the laundry always seems full. I too read about 1 day a week from Emily Barnes...I couldnt understand why I just can't seem to find my laundry happy place...
Secondly, your song is amazing! It's what we (me and my son really) do regularly...make up silly songs. We should go into the jingle business!! But not until we can conquer the laundry...