Monday, August 13, 2012

a banner day for a garage sale

This past Saturday my sister Jenny and I held our annual summer garage sale.
It is our singular attempt to rid ourselves of the detritus that clutters our lives.
The kids get in on the action selling toys and old books and are always thrilled with
the feel of quarters in their pockets.
They boost their sales with a lemonade stand and their general cuteness.
Our cuteness wasn't helping us much since Jenny and I started out the day bleary eyed.
I accidentally drank caffeinated coffee at a wedding reception the night before and
couldn't fall asleep until 2 am and Drew, Jenny's two year old, had a rough night
sleeping, waking her and Brett up through out the night.
We both looked like we rolled out of bed straight into my driveway...which we did.
The first few hours were lackluster in the sales department.
A San Francisco fog shrouded us driving us to get sweatshirts and cups of coffee...
in August no less.
And then there was the arrival of the gentleman who must have been a plummer
because each time he would squat down to examine our wares the back of his
pants would head south.
It brings to mind the question, "Is it polite to ask someone to please hike their pants back up
for the sake of the children?" I think it is.
Will came up to me, eyes wide with a look of horror and said,
"Mom, I have been scarred."
We all were.
He lingered for over a half an hour and settled on one book for 50 cents.
We would have paid him at least $5 to take the book and his baggy pants with him.
The best part of the sale was when an elderly gentleman named Fred arrived at the scene.
He is a neighbor from down the street that I had never met before.
He began a pile of things to purchase, buying thing from each of the boys and Jenny and I.
Jenny added it up to the grand total of $92.
To which he said, "Why not make it an even $100? Give the extra to the boys!"
At which point he handed me a $100 bill.
I turned to the children and said, "Three cheers for Mr. Fred."
I believe this is our first garage sale where one of the customers was hailed by
the boys shouting "hip hip hooray".
Things took an upswing after that with a steady stream of customers
and our tables of goods diminished.
There was a great sense of accomplishment.
Jenny must have said at least 6 times, "I am so pleased."
And she was. And so was I.
Clean closets. Clutter gone. Pocket money.
It doesn't get much better than that.

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