Wednesday, August 15, 2012

who he is

Sometimes when I don't understand how God is working I doubt his plans.
This morning I had to remind myself again of who God is. 
Here are my thoughts:

You are steadfast. You are faithful. You are greater than what I can fathom. 
You are mighty. You are victorious. Your will always comes to pass. 
You are right and righteous in all of your ways. You are bountiful and generous. 
You are all knowing. You are kind and merciful. You are just. You are pure. 
You are holy. You are unchangeable. You are truthful. 
You do not let those who follow you down. 
You do not walk away from the ones that you love. 
You are creative. You like surprises. You don’t like to be boxed in. 
You are powerful beyond my wildest imaginations. You are wise. 
You are thoughtful. You enjoy the details.You know what is going to happen next.
 You are not concerned about overcoming obstacles. 
You can live out your life through me if I can figure out how to get out of the way. 
You are rich. You are loving. You are compassionate even when we mess up. 
You know the past and the future and the present is not too much for you to handle. 
You make dead things alive and sick things well. 
You redeem the unredeemable. 
You are in charge. 
You have told me that I am yours. 
You take care of your kids.

Today I am anchoring myself in the truth of who He is.


Julie said...

Yes. Thank you for this! I hope you don't mind that I used this on my blog. I linked back to you!

treebottom said...

Good day to send prayer support to Sue. Done.

Andrea said...

I really needed to read this today - thanks for the reminder!

susanna said...

Julie! I love that you passed it along on your blog! Treebottom - I'm always in need of prayer support - thanks so much! Andrea - I am glad that it reminded you who we serve...I need a daily reminder myself!

Amy said...

Some days when the world is being unfair, when people are being unkind... I remind myself that God is my champion, my defender and it's enough that He knows the truth when others assume something else.

susanna said...

I love that, Amy!

sugarnuggets said...

I wish I read this on the day you posted it. So great to know that this God is with us when we head into the storm, He is with us in the storm, and still holding us when we come out the other side :) Sweet!