Monday, November 26, 2012

bonbon ornament giveaway and a lovely cyber monday to you

Most of you who have read here know that I have a fondness for
They are so very pretty.
I also have a certain fondness for their designer my sister, Erica.
(She also gives me the sweet hookups and deals for the blog....
that is also muy bueno! I get bi-lingual when I am excited....)
So from Bonbon Charms to you - here is a lovely gift on Cyber Monday!
You can do all of your girlie Christmas shopping and teacher gifts
today in one fell swoop!
And Erica has started a new line of beautiful pewter charms like this one...

And because you read here at the TSG blog she is offering a giveaway of
beautiful...lovely....sparkly....all the things we love...
So leave your name and e-mail here in the comments or on my FB page for 
a chance to win. 
For extra chances to win
 post this link on your blog, share it on FB or 
pin it on Pinterest and leave that in the comments, too.
Winner will be announced Monday, December 3.


patti said...

beautiful....shared on FB as well

thealena said...

Thea at :)

veryblessed said...

Love it!

pamelitarose said...

Yay! I love giveaways!! I posted a link on fb too!!!

Kerri Brodehl said...

Pretty - and the family ornament is so sweet!