Thursday, November 22, 2012

11 things you shouldn't have to say at thanksgiving dinner

1.  "Please do not use your goblet as a candle snuffer. Glass and fire don't mix well."
2.  "I don't care if you think you are a kitten. Get up off the floor and sit at the table."
3.  "Do not eat your mashed potatoes with your fingers. It's gross."
4.  "Upside down goblets are not party hats. And no, it was not empty."
5.  "You have sparkling apple cider dripping down your head."
6.  "Like I told your brother, do not eat mashed potatoes with your fingers. It's still gross."
7.  "Do you want cranberry sauce? No? Does anyone want cranberry sauce?
      No one? Scott? No? Why did I make cranberry sauce?"
8.  "Did you just eat all the onions off of the green bean casserole
      and leave all the green beans?"
9.  "Come back to the table. You have not been excused.
      I don't care if you feel sick to your stomach. We will all enjoy this meal together."
10."Don't clink your goblets together so hard. Mommy will be very sad and angry
      if you break her pretty glasses."
11."You can't be finished. You ate 3 bites. And no, you may not have pie."

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!

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Sheila said...

Oh golly! These made me giggle. We did have someone try to snuff out the candle with a goblet yesterday, and one kicking screaming fit over not wanting to eat the yucky Thanksgiving meal...not one of my kids mind you ; ) at least not this year! Ahhh tis the season. Thanks for a giggle.