Tuesday, November 13, 2012

there are some things that should never happen

Back in the day, when the boys were 5 and under,
I used to leave my bedroom door unlocked when I was getting dressed.
I never knew what kind of emergency might occur in the 5 minutes
it took me to get my clothes on...Legos swallowed, children escaping
the house naked, finger painting on the furniture....
the possibilities for destruction were endless.
Now that that the boys are older, Jack is in middle school and the younger boys
are in elementary, I know I can get changed without anyone losing a limb so
I lock my bedroom door. I like a little privacy.
Yesterday morning I was getting ready to get into the shower
when to my horror I saw the door handle to my bedroom begin to turn.
My eyes were riveted to the handle....the lock was in locked position...
but the door began to open anyway.....how could this be?
And from the depths of my being came the wail of a tortured banshee...
a heart wrenching breath stealing scream rent the ceiling of the room
at the thought of my son seeing me naked.
(Seriously, I almost scared myself with how loud I screamed.)
A frantic question from Jack came from outside the door, "What's wrong?"
"I have no clothes on!"
"Oh!" The door quickly shut. No eye contact was made. Lives were saved.
After I was dressed, Jack came in the room.
"Mom, what happened? Why did you scream so loud?"
"Jack, you almost walked in on me when I was naked....
we both could have been scarred for life."
A look of horror flit across his face. "That's true....that is scary."
I can only imagine what a vision of a mother viewed in her natural state could
do to the mind of a boy teetering on the brink of manhood.
Some things are better left un-imagined.
"You are not kidding."
We both laughed and hugged it out. Crisis averted.
Now to see about getting a padlock for the door.

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