Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the new to-do list

2012 was a hard year. It yanked the joy out of me.
But I really like joy. I like laughter. I like hope.
From listening to me you would think that I like crankiness.
And depression. And that I enjoy a hearty portion of irritability.
It's as if I've decided to emulate Eeyore in my life view.
What would it take for me to wake up and feel a sense of expectation
of what the day holds instead of dread at the thought of what is required
of me?
What would it take to turn my heart inside out, empty it of the sadness
and fill it with hope?
I know that some of my sadness comes from losing a dear friend recently.
But I also know that some of it comes from choosing to focus on the hard
things in my life instead of choosing to see the beauty that each day holds.
So I have decided I am going to change.
Because I am the only one who can do that.
This is what my to do list has looked like in the past:
1. Do the laundry
2. Pick up the house
3. Finish the bills
4. Clean out the shed
5. Write for 3 hours
6. Take the car in for a smog check
No wonder I am sad.
I am going to pin up a new to do list on the fridge.
This is my list for this week...I think I can get them all done.
1. Listen to a really good song
2. Write a love note to each of the boys
3. Dance for 10 minutes
4. Organize or decorate something (I love to organize and decorate)
5. Go for a walk or have coffee with a friend
6. Watch a Tim Hawkins video
7. Talk to my sisters on the phone
8. Play cards with the boys
9. Tell Scott why you love him
10. Sit in the sun and read Psalm 139
I may still have to do the bills or fold laundry but sticking them in
between dancing and reading about how God formed me with love
and a purpose seems to make it better somehow.
I am on a mission to be joy- full this year.
I am making a decision to ask Jesus to re-shape how I think - to transform me
by the renewing of my mind.
I am on a path towards seeing life differently and embracing that loveliness
that is already surrounding me.
Feel free to join me! :)


Lori Riffe said...

LOVE this! I am convicted by the fact that I resemble your original to do list. I lead by example and tell my son we have to do the necessary things first before we can have fun. Like homework and chores. But then, it seems there isn't time for the fun. I like the idea of spending time in joyful moments each day. Because I just bet that joy will fuel the energy needed for the other stuff, like laundry.

susanna said...

I love that thought, Lori! Fuel the joy! I am going to write that up on my fridge, too! :)

Sanchia Goosen said...

Oh I love this idea! I'm also guilty of trying to squeeze joy into the tiny sliver that remains after doing all the chores. No wonder I feel so joyless sometimes! This year, we'll do it differently. ;o)

lyndabyrd said...

I am so joining you on this one!

Beth said...

This is so good! I'm totally in!!! I'm going to print this list and put it on top of my "to do" stack (hopefully it won't slide off). I love you❤

susanna said...

Sanchia, I love that thought "This year we will do it differently!" So good! Lynda, I'm glad you joining me!Beth - I love that you are in! I love you back!

Tracy said...

I didn't see this post until today, but the timing for me is perfect! I am SO very much "in" with you on this....

susanna said...

Awesome, Tracy!

pamela maddox said...

I just read this today! Can I copy and paste your list??!! I think you are really on to something. Has it helped you these first 5 months of 2013??