Friday, February 22, 2013

have some joy

So I went into this year calling it the "year of joy".
It is a statement of faith. Because I really really want it to be the year of joy.
I may have mentioned a time or 12 that last year was difficult.
But the thing is, I think I have let my brain be trained to lock on to the
unhappiness around me.
I pick up on other people's sadness or hear stories on the news or read a sad post
on Facebook and think, "Life is so hard. So difficult. So sad."
I recognize unhappiness like an old friend.
(Oh, hi there, Unhappiness! Fancy meeting you here!)
It's time for a new friend.
I know that there is joy to be found in this world.
I stared into Will's wide grin yesterday when he announced that he
won 3rd place in the 4th grade spelling bee.
The sun peeked through the clouds yesterday afternoon and warmed my face.
I had coffee with friends yesterday. Twice.
Double joy.
So I am re-training my brain to look for it from here on out.
I am not going to happen upon it by chance.
I am on a mission to soak up all the sunshine this life has for me,
irregardless of the hard moments.
I am re-wiring the synapses in my brain to fire at the sight, the smell,
the sound, the thought of joy.
And I thought you would like to join me.
Step #1: watch a joyful video. Feel free to dance along.

It might bring you some joy.


McLesP said...

Yep. Brought me joy.

Storybook Treasure said...

Nice to meet another tired supergirl! I'm with you though! This year is my year of turning my back on the negative...can't do anything about it anyway! Time to see the birds soaring in a wind thermal, the squirrels hopping through the snow, God's beautiful artwork the sky, on the Earth, in the hearts of others. It's time my friend!

Deborah Minter said...

love this song, it is so happy.