Monday, February 11, 2013

i know that valentine's day is coming because of my mother-in-law

Some people follow the calendar to track holidays.
I look in my sock drawer.
My mother-in-law, (I call her Lola), supplies me with seasonal socks.
Halloween socks. Christmas socks. Occasionally, Easter socks.
Last night after church, she handed us a bag of goodies for Valentine's Day.
Lovely chocolates. Candy Hearts. And of course, Valentine's socks.
I promptly put them on. And ate some chocolate. 
Lola is a giver of gifts. Her love is showered upon us in an a variety of ways....
paper goods, rare candies from the dollar store, contact solution, and cards
for all occasions.
Scott always knows when his mom has been to the house because there are
chips in the cupboard.
"My mom loves me," he says to me. It's true. She does.
And her love for Scott has overflowed to me and the boys.
They always know that Grandma has the goods.
They often greet her with the words, "What treats did you bring?"
I think it is a high accolade to be known by the gifts that you give.
I have never known her to stop by empty handed.
We have often arrived home to find a 12 pack of toilet paper on the doorstep.
The boys will say, "Grandma was here."
This is a welcome gift in a house full of boys.
So this morning as I sit here in my sparkly heart speckled socks
I just want her to know that we love her back.
We love her for her easy laugh and her hugs and her care for us.
We love her for her graciousness and her bounty of goodies that she shares with us.
We are grateful for her large heartedness and her countless rolls of paper towels.
It is no small thing to know you are loved. She loves us well.
I'm pretty sure that is what Valentine's Day is all about.
That and cute socks.
Happy Valentine's Day, Lola! We love you the most!


Lori Riffe said...

Love this! My mom loves close by and shows up with apple pie or cookies often. We came home from church on Superbowl Sunday to a bag full of homemade chex mix on our back porch. It's the best!

lyndabyrd said...

She is one of the sweetest ladies I know! Her daughter and daughter-in-law are also sweethearts! Happy Valentine's Day! I love the socks!

pamelitarose said...

It's so fun to be loved...