Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The other day as I was walking into the kitchen I noticed how dirty the
door frame was.
As if a small trail of dirty hand prints had smeared the entire
length of it from floor to ceiling. Make that a trail of 6 dirty hands.
Which is quite possibly the case.
So I got out the Chlorox wipes and went to work removing layer after
layer of dirt. The paint was noticeably lighter and seemed happier.
Until I got to one speck of dirt that would not be wiped clean.
And I realized I was not dealing with a speck of dirt but with
some type of dried bodily fluid that had come from the nose of
one of my children.
It was cemented to the wall.
You should know that I immediately become a jr. high girl in
the presence of anything disgusting.
Will was just walking into the room and said, "What, Mom?"
"Will, someone is wiping their boogers on the wall. It is disgusting. It is so gross.
This what tissues are for....TISSUEs. We DO NOT wipe our noses on the wall."
I pierced him with the evil eye, "Will, are you wiping your boogers on the wall."
He grinned as he walked past me and said, "No, Mom, I wipe my boogers on the furniture."
And so goes the life of the mom of three boys.


Lori Riffe said...

ACKKKKKKKK! Boys. My 13 year old still uses his tshirt as a kleenex and napkin.

Janet B said...

Keep training them in the way of civility, Sue. Someday their wives will bow down to you!