Monday, September 30, 2013

being with Will

This past month has been a rough month for my 10 year old son, Will.
This is the child that never stops moving.
He is always running, jumping, dancing, climbing or hurling himself off of some object.
In the past 4 weeks he has broken his toe in a horrible kind of way and gotten 14 stitches
in his back.
His toe...I can't really talk about...because it makes me gag a little. 
Two words. Wound care. Ugh.
And his back?
He decided to try and fit his rear into a decorative glass dome.
It didn't go as planned.
Things of this nature rarely do. He ended up lacerating his back with a giant shard of glass
We are beyond thankful that it didn't run him through. God is good. 
All this to say, Will has been having some forced down time.
On crutches with a special boot for his foot.
It is killing him. At least it was until he figured out he could launch himself from his
crutches like a catapult.
I keep saying, "Please, do not injure yourself again. Please."
This request is falling on deaf ears.
The hardest part for him was finding out that he would not be able to participate in PE or
have recess for 6 weeks.
Big tears rolled down his cheeks and he tried to bury his face in the hospital pillow
when the doctor broke the news.
Trying to keep Will from moving is like asking him stop breathing.
He can't do it.
So we have kept him home from school and have been yelling things like,
"No running!" and "Don't jump!" and "Sweet Jesus, help us all!"
Last night, Will requested going into Big Church with me instead of going to the kid's program.
The kids play on the playground before and after their lesson and watching other kid's play
when he can't is a kind of twisted torment for him.
So last night he stood next to me during worship.
And we sang. And clapped. And he put his arm around my waist in a hug
and we swayed from side to side together.
We couldn't keep still. He may be a little like his mother. Just a little.
It brought to mind this verse,
"In Him we live and move and have our being..."
Will was made to move. It is who he is. It is who he will always be.
The words "leap" and "dance" and "run" are woven into his DNA.
I think moving his body to the music, singing out loud, leaning into the words of the songs last night, 
brought a great amount of joy to the One who made him so.
And to me.
Each time Will launches himself from the play structure or centipedes across the floor
or swings across the monkey bars taking two bars at a time,
he is being exactly who he is supposed to be.
And more and more, I can't help thinking, I like being with Will.


Kristy Inman said...

These are precious words!! This made me tear good to realize a truth about your child. I can't keep my boys still and I go crazy with the shouts and grabs as I try to rescue them from their own jumps, dives, crashes. And Paul's not even walking yet. Yikes. It must be hard seeing them get hurt, but I guess it's important to let them move...if that's what Jesus wants :)

susanna said...

Kristy! You are not is hard to see them get hurt! But trying to keep boys still is like trying to catch the wind! :) I think being a mom of boys you do a lot of damage control. :) But how can we not love them like crazy even when they scare us to death! They are so cute! :)