Wednesday, February 25, 2015

what wives are for according to 1 out 3 of my sons

The other day, I was in the kitchen and Will asked me to make him macaroni and cheese for lunch.
Normally, I would oblige but I was in the process of cooking something else so I said,
"Will, you can see that I am cooking. Why don't you go ahead and make it?"
I have taught the boys the basics around the kitchen.
Grilled Cheese. Quesodillas. Scrambled eggs. Macaroni and cheese. Chocolate chip cookies.
He looked at me and said, "I want you to make it."
"I know but you can see I am busy making something else. You are perfectly capable
of making your own macaroni and cheese."
To this he answered,
"But Mom, I don't want to make it. I want you to make it for me. That is what wives are for."
This stopped me dead in my tracks.
"That is what wives are for?"
" make us food. That is what my wife is going to do."
I just looked at him. And then called to Scott,
"Do you hear what your son just said to me?"
He answered, "Don't get me involved."
Will chimed in, "Ya, Dad! Cooking! That's what's wives are for...just like you taught us."
Scott said, "I never said that that is what wives are for, Will!"
He was laughing...but was he also sweating a little?
Will asked, "Well, then what are they for, Dad?"
Scott answered quickly, "Wives are for loving. That is what they are for."
Good answer.
I looked at Will and said, "I am definitely not making your macaroni and cheese."
He shrugged.
A plan is already forming in my mind.
I have some teaching to do in the area of wife appreciation.
Will will be improving their laundry and dish washing skills this weekend.
Just in case they are thinking that that's what wives are for.

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