Thursday, April 30, 2015

my friend're gonna love her

I am posting over at my dear friend, Lindsey Smallwood's, Songbird and A Nerd, today
This is Lindsey and one of her sweet boys.
She has three all together - 1 big one (Chris) and 2 small (Bobby and Tommy).
Her babies are like sugar. I could eat them up.
And Lindsey is a kindred spirit.
She loves baking and decorating with robin's egg blue.
She likes to dance and eat chocolate.
She has embarrassing things happen to her just like I do.
She loves Jesus. A lot.
And then there is the fact that she is a worship leader, pastor, and gifted writer.
When she asked me to write over at her place, I said, "Yes, please."
(You can read about my latest awkwardness and deep thoughts about detoxing here.)
I want in on whatever Lindsey has going on.
The joy. The hope. The awkward moments. The fun.
If you are anything like me, you will, too!
For your enlightment and enjoyment....Songbird and A Nerd.

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