Monday, June 1, 2015

so i guess it is a good thing that we had boys

At breakfast the other morning Jack asked me,
"What were you going to name me if I was a girl?"
Me: "Dad wanted to name you Destiny."
A look of complete disgust lit up Jack's face.
Jack: "What about Will?"
Me: "I wanted to name him Sophie."
Jack: "And Addie?"
Me: "Ainsley."
Jack: "Ainsley? Who picked that?"
Me: "Dad."
Will and Addie walked in and sat down at the table.
Jack: "Addie, if you were a girl Dad was going to name you Ainsley."
Addie: "That sounds like anus."
Jack: "That is exactly what I was thinking."
Jack and Will in unison: "Hi, Anus-ley!"
Leave it to my children to made an adorable name sound like an unmentionable body part.
My sincerest apologies to any Ainsleys reading this.
You should know that my children are uncouth and enjoy making ANY name sound gross.
My own name has been re-worked into "Poo-sanna" on occasion .
Jack: "Will is the only one with a normal girl name....Sophie."
Will: "Yay, Sophie!"
Me: "Actually, I wanted to name you Sophie Kate...until your cousin Aly pointed out
that it sounded like "suffocate."
Jack: "You guys pick horrible girl names. Thank God we are boys."
Yes....thank God.

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