Tuesday, August 18, 2015

i could be an elf

I have been subbing this summer at my boys old preschool.
I love being around little kids.
I love the joy that bubbles out of them and the funny things they say.
I do have some difficulty remembering their names.
I tend to refer to them as "sunshine", "buddy" and "friend".
They go with it.
The children have some trouble with my name, too.
I have been called:

Teacher Shoe
Teacher Shoes
Teacher Zeus
Teacher Suess
and my personal favorite...
Teacher Zoo

One of the children said to me,
"You know, being around you is kind of like being at the Zoo."
I told him, "My husband would agree with you."

But my favorite exchange this summer happened yesterday.
One of the little 5 year old girls came up to me and said,
"Your ears are super pointy...like an elf."
She is right.
My ears do narrow quite a bit at the top.
My brother referred to me as "Mr. Spock" when we were kids.
But I have come to terms with my elfin ears.
They add character.
My hair was pulled back in a pony tail to reveal them in their full pointed glory.

I said,"Maybe I am an elf."
She said, "What if you are one of Santa's elves?"
I said, "What if I am?"
She got serious.
"Then I think you should come here every day so that you can tell Santa
if we should be on the naughty or nice list."
I laughed.
"Wouldn't that be fun?"

As I walked away, I could see she was still studying my ears.
I didn't say I was an elf.
But I am not saying I'm not one either.
Just so you know, I think you all should be really nice to me.
It is in your best interest.
I could have an in with Santa.


Lindsey Smallwood said...

Love it - keep them guessing, my friend!

susanna said...

That is my plan, Lindsey Loo! :) Love you!