Wednesday, October 7, 2015

you might want to see this...if you need some joy

My dad, Dick Foth, is an amazing communicator.
One of my all time favorite speakers.
Even when I was a kid.
Which is a big deal because being a pastor's kid?
You listen to a TON of sermons.
My dad has a way of weaving a story and bringing you in and
leaving you breathless with the thought of how much Jesus loves you.
(I am not biased in any way....really.)
But this last Sunday when he was speaking at National Community Church,
he spoke about the Formula for Joy.
And he told the story of my Will and the Worship High Five.
Somehow how the story is better coming from is a gift that he has.
You should know that worship high fives were given all around after the story was told.
And it brought some joy.
If you need a little joy this morning?
If you need to hear about how God works in and through us?
If you need to know, one more time, that He is good master?
If you need to remember that the gifts He has given you
are exactly the gifts you are supposed to have to enter into his joy?
You might want to see this.
And then go high five someone.
Formula for Joy – The Moral of the Story – Media – Theaterchurch

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