Friday, October 23, 2015

you said what in health class?

Will came home from school in a great mood yesterday.
There had been a lively discussion in his 7th grade health class.
They were talking about the people that they know who could do better with health in general.
His teacher told the class that her husband has a horrible sweet tooth.

It was at this point in class that Will got set free.
He told me, "Mom, I raised my hand and told my class how much you love chocolate."
"You did?"
"What did you say?"
"My mom eats chocolate ALL THE TIME."
"Did you at least say it was dark chocolate?"
"Did you let them know I am the one who eats the most vegetables in this house?"
"Will.....tell me exactly what you said to your health teacher and your class about me."

He grinned,
"I said that you like to lay down on your bed 
and watch West Wing
and then you tell Dad, 
"Go Get Me Some Chocolate!""

Dear God in Heaven, help me now.

"You just laid it all out like that, did you?"
"Yep." Even bigger grin.
"You told all my secrets?"
The first look of confusion crossed his face.

"Is it a secret? I thought everybody knew you liked chocolate."
"Well, they do now.....go do your homework."

Will bounced happily out of the room.
I felt a little beat up after our conversation.

Somebody better switch on West Wing and bring me some chocolate.


Shane Couch said...

I L-ed OL.

susanna said...

SHANE! Can you believe it??? There is no one on my side in this house! :) I am glad it made you laugh!

pamela maddox said...

I L-Ed out LOUD too...that's all I was going to type also. Ha! Plus, I want the stack of chocolate in the pic...speaking of chocolate, have you tried the dark chocolate covered pumpkin seed bark from Costco?? Yum.

Carolyn said...

Hilarious! I love reading your posts!

Carolyn said...

Hilarious! I love reading your posts!

susanna said...

Pamela! Dark chocolate pumpkin seed bark? You are speaking my love language! Carolyn! Thanks so much! I love that you love reading my posts!