Wednesday, October 14, 2015

it is all about the chase

I have 5 different projects I am working on between now and May 2016.
Crazy, right?
It is quite possible that I have lost my mind.

But I have told Jesus, "The doors You open? I am walking through them."
I don't take these opportunities lightly.
They are an honor and a privilege and a huge gift.
But I think I may have to take it up to a jog to get through all the doors.

I have never written this much in this short of time.
I'm just a little terrified. Or a lot.
But I feel his hand of blessing and his proverbial foot on my backside saying,
"Just get after it."

And the craziest part is that 3 out of 5 of these projects are writing devotions.
Short essays, prayers and scriptures that point that reader Christ-ward.

I told Scott the other day,
"I may be slow on the uptake...but I think maybe Jesus thinks I need to do my devotions."
"I think you are right." Scott knows.
Personal devotions have never been my strong suit.
But I want in on knowing Jesus. And I want everything that He wants for my life.

This morning I was reading in Matthew when Jesus calls the disciples.
He said, "Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men."

Jesus went out of his way to find each of these men.
Then he said, essentially,
"Come on! Let's go! And I am going to blow your mind with all that we are going to do together."

The thing I realized this morning is that He could not change them unless they chose Him.

He couldn't do a thing until they decided to chase after him.
Jesus loved them. He knew them. He found them. He called them.
But the amazing, mind blowing shift in their life would only came if they took
that first step towards him.

Jesus comes to us...and then we get to come to Him.
It is that easy.
It is that hard.

I grew up thinking that doing your devotions was another item to check off of your
spiritual to do list. And if you didn't do you them, you were no good.
And after all these years I am seeing things differently.
I already know that I am no good.
But Jesus is inviting me to hang out with him anyway.

What he makes of my life only comes after I let go of my fear and decide to follow him.
He is saying, "Let's go!"
I can do everything you could ever hope or imagine if you decide to to chase after me."

The books He is letting me write? They are all about the chase.
I feel like He is three steps ahead of me looking over his shoulder,
with laughter in his voice and a twinkle in his eye, saying,
"Are you ready for this? It's about to get good! Come on!"


Mary Martha said...

I look forward to reading the fruit of you labor!

susanna said...

Thanks, Mary Martha! I love that!