Tuesday, January 5, 2016

cousins (grandparents + ice cream) = happiness

We got back from our family Christmas last Saturday.
It was a full week of joy, sledding, shopping,
big rounds (Grandma's special crepe-like pancakes),
presents and cousin time.

Yesterday was our first day back in the school saddle.
Will calmly announced that he was quitting school when he got in the car at pick up.
I looked at him with great sympathy. I get it.
How do you go from 2 weeks of freedom and sugar back to homework and sack lunches?
Re-entry is always difficult.

"I have a better idea for school," he suggested.
"What would that be?"
"Let's get all the cousins to go back to Colorado and Grandpa and Grandma can teach us."
"I am not sure Grandma and Grandpa would be down with homeschooling."
They probably still need another week or 4 to recover from all the chaos
we brought when all 20 of us descended on their cozy home last week.

Will got a dreamy look on his face.
"No, it would be fun!
Math would be like....
A bowl of ice cream....divided by a can of soda...plus whipped cream equals...."
"Equals what?"
He grinned, "Equals happiness."

"And all Lily would have to learn is how to say "Mom" and "Dad".
Lily is his new 2 month old cousin.
"I am thinking Lily is a little young for school."

He sat back in his seat with a look of contentedness.
"It would be the best school ever."
I didn't argue.
I could do with some ice cream and a hug from my mom and dad right about now.
I'm thinking if grandparent home school is a option....
sign me up!

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