Tuesday, February 2, 2016

apparently I am headed for the old folks home...wanna come?

Yesterday when the boys were doing their homework,
Scott told me that our former college, Bethany University, would be 97 this year.

Addie said, "That is old."
I said, "That is old....speaking of old....
Who is going to take care of me when I am 97 years old?"

Addie yelled, "Not it!"
Will said, "Not me." And gently patted my shoulder.

Jack looked sad and said, "I guess it's me."
Were those some small tears gathering in the corners of his eyes?

It's not looking good, folks.
There are apparently no takers for my care in my not-so-golden years.

I am thinking of starting a weekly prayer and fasting time for kind daughters-in-law
with a heart for blind forgetful old ladies who like to laugh and eat chocolate.

Either that or I'll be sending out some invites to my college girlfriends
to come join me in the home.
Scott can throw some shout outs to his buddies.

I think we could make it pretty fun....
bingo nights...craft times....
breaking out at curfew with our walkers....
trying to remember who we are?

Barbie? Les? Cari? Beth? Cher? Marie France? Janie? Tina?
Who is with me?

Bethany Gardens, here we come!

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