Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Expectant Blessings is out TODAY and I have some presents for you!

I don't think I can tell you exactly how excited I am about

Expectant Blessings:
Prayers, Poems and Devotions for You and Your Baby.

This is a pregnancy devotional that is
chock full of funny stories,
encouraging thoughts, journal pages, and
poignant poems along with
prayers and scriptures to pray over your sweet baby!

So. Very. Excited.

Having it come out today is
is a little bit like being pregnant...
with a book idea...
for 12 years...
and then finally giving birth to it...
in a very figurative way!

This is the fun part!

If you buy a copy of the book Expectant Blessings


by midnight tonight (pacific standard time),

and email a copy of the receipt to tiredsupergirl@gmail.com

3 things will happen:

1. You will receive access to an audio thank you from me along with
the exclusive story of  how Expectant Blessings came into being.
(Can a book actually take 12 years to write???? Yes. Yes it can.)

2. A printable list of 5 funny, awkward (and potentially scarring) ways
to announce to your husband that you are pregnant that you can share your friends.

3. You will be enterred into a drawing to receive a free signed copy of
Expectant Blessings
and a personal note sent to a cute pregnant friend of yours.
(All pregnant friends are cute)

The winner of this giveaway will be announced tomorrow
on the blog at www.tiredsupergirl.com and on facebook.

So with that being said....
Go buy it  TODAY (pretty please)
here or here or here....
and then e-mail me (tiredsupergirl@gmail.com) to get your presents!

Thanks for celebrating this book with me!

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