Thursday, May 5, 2016

whatever you do today....don't buy a swimsuit from China

I have been on a deadline lock down for the past few months.
This means lots of time in front of my computer.
Open prey for the lure of the many ads online.

And I saw an ad for a cute tankini swimsuit.
I am partial to the tankini since I am long-waisted.
Most one pieces give me a wedgie.

I should have told myself,
"Sue.....surely you know that EVERY swimsuit you have
ever bought has been bought after trying on 713 swimsuits."

And seemed like they offered a fool proof way to get the right size.
They had you measure yourself and choose your size accordingly.

So really this was like a couture swimsuit.
Sewn according to my personal dimensions.

And it was only $17.
The clincher.
I am a sucker for a good deal.

I didn't realize I was buying it from overseas until
after I paid and a message came up,
"Will be shipped in 4-6 weeks."

It took a month to get here.
And yesterday, I opened it and started laughing.

Apparently, they measured the top half of my swimsuit at
about a women's size 18.
And the bottom half?
A 3T.
I could donate it to a preschooler.

I am neither a size 18 or a size 3T....just in case you were wondering.

My son, Will, saw the bottoms and said,
"No, Mom. Just no."

Thought you might like to see the difference between my board shorts
and the new tankini bottoms.

You can understand Will's concern.
I know what you are thinking....
"That is way worse than a wedgie."
Yes. Yes it is.

I am a full coverage kind of girl.
I have had enough scarring lately with revealing more of myself than I intended to.

Lesson learned.
I am passing my world wide web lesson on to you.
The next time you feel tempted to buy a swimsuit on-line just tell yourself,
"Maybe I will just visit the toddler's section at my favorite store and see what they have."

It's not a complete loss.
I think I'll save the tankini bottoms for my niece, Lily.
She is 6 months old. They might fit her next year.

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