Wednesday, September 14, 2016

count on the crazy

This past week I spoke at a conference in Oklahoma City focused on Selah moments...
finding peace and rest in the presence of God.
Which was a stretch for me since I am horrible at both peace and rest.

But one of my final thoughts in the last talk I gave was, "Count on the Crazy."
Life is crazy.
What if we expected it to be crazy and then said,
"I can still have a good life...
a good day...
a good relationship with God anyway."

So I should have not been surprised to encounter craziness on my return home.
Because I spoke on it...right?

My broken toe from four weeks ago had been bothering me throughout the
conference and not just my toe but my entire foot.
So sore. I was hobbling through the airport.

So I made an appointment with my doctor the day I got back.
She told me that not only had a I broken my toe but had sprained all the tendons
attached to the toe and I needed to be off of my foot and on crutches for the next two weeks
icing and elevating it every two hours.

Here I am back from the is conference on rest and I thought,
"This is it. This is my moment to really listen to my body and take care of myself."

The only problem is that I have issues with crutches.
I am uncoordinated. So. Very. Uncoordinated.
So yesterday, as I hobbled into the kitchen with my crutches
to put a plate in the sink....I slipped.

And caught my middle toe on my other foot on the crutch.
Cutting it.
And breaking it.

I have now broken both middle toes.
Two. Broken. Middle. Toes.

All you math people out there....WHAT ARE THE ODDS??????
No...seriously...what are the odds?
My sisters, Jenny and Erica, both told me that I defy the odds.

Scott found me weeping on the kitchen floor.
Not a pretty sight. He got me a Bandaid.
I was so sad. I am so sad.

I stopped crying once Scott got me to the couch and
had propped up my feet,
icing them with bags of frozen raspberries and peas.
Then we had to laugh.

I told him, "It's like I am in the Home Alone movie...
except I am the one who keeps injuring myself in awkward ways.

Have you ever heard of anyone breaking their toe on their actual crutch?
It is a talent.
When I do crazy...I do it right, folks.

My sons are oddly enamored with the fact that it is the middle toes
that I have broken.
As if my toes wanted to make an obscene gesture at the world.

So I am no longer on crutches.
I am on...bed...or couch.
Whichever I want to crawl to.

Don't knock crawling.
It is way underrated.
Scott is at a speaking engagement this morning and
I crawled into the kitchen and made myself some coffee.
Because let's be amount of broken toes are keeping me from coffee.

So here we are.
My version of crazy.
But I am determining to have a good day anyway.
I have been texting my friends pictures of my awkward toes so they
can get in a good laugh on me.
I am going to crawl into the kitchen for another cup of coffee.
I am going to watch some Foyle's War.
Get some writing done.
And enjoy my good life....with or without broken toes.


BJJ said...

I am so sorry...but I'll admit it, you REALLY made me laugh today! Against ALL odds!
More fodder for your speaking/writing!

susanna said...

BJJ! I am so glad that I gave you a good laugh! We have to laugh at the crazy!