Friday, September 23, 2016

the crawling chronicles

These past eleven days have been an adventure in stillness....and crawling.
With two broken middle toes and a sprained foot I have been sequestered in my house.
Being forced to not put any weight bearing pressure on either foot has been...

I have learned some important things about myself, my home and my family in the past two weeks.
Some of which are...

1. I can't repair things laying on the couch.
I know this because I tried to repair our old vacuum cleaner using a screw driver and hairdryer. Don't ask. 

2. I buy more things when I am laying down.
I know this because I found a new vacuum cleaner online...on sale. It came just in the nick of time. The nick of time being that I was losing my mind because of the state of the carpet. Scott is nervous. Because I also bought arnica healing salve for my foot, a book to read, and other various sundries. He said, "I am afraid to leave you alone because I keep getting Amazon prime notifications." He should be afraid.

3. A dog is a girl's best friend.
Flash the dog is a true pal. Scott has been gone with multiple speaking engagements and meetings. Flash has been my upper thigh warmer. We have conversations and snuggle. I think he might be more healing than the arnica. 

4. The family views my crawling as an interactive sport.
They interact with the dog and me saying, "Isn't Mom fun?" and "Get her, Flash!" and "Mom, can I ride on the your back?" Scott joins in with "Look at her go!" It is a family event.

5. The kids are praying for me.
The other night Addie crawled up next to me and said, "Mom, do you want me to pray for you?" I was touched. Then he said, "We are doing a ton of work right need to get better!"

6. Scott is amazing.
It's true. He is taking the kids to school, shopping, cleaning and getting it all done while meeting all of his own work deadlines. I heart him. 

7. Being still makes me thankful.
I am thankful for 8 toes that work. And coffee. And helping hands. And friends that text and call. And Jesus.for being near in all of the crazy..... even with a gross carpet.

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