Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ACE on earth...goodwill towards men

We Aughtmons are minimalists when it comes to outdoor Christmas lights.
For the last 3 years, I have hung the simple marquee lit sign reading "Peace" across our carport.
Until this year.

After I stood on a chair (not up to safety regulations, I know) and looped the sign on
its appointed nails and flung the extension cord over the roof,
I turned it on and it read, "ACE".
I should have done that first.
Because I did not have the energy to climb back up on the chair and take down the sign.
So I have left it there. Unlit.

I have another marquee sign that I place on the top of the book shelf next to our fireplace
that reads "JOY".
It was, too, losing some bulbs. So I thought maybe I could change some out and either
have "PEACE" or "JOY"...instead of "ACE" or "OY"
I asked the boys which they preferred.
Addie said, "It depends if you want joy on the inside or peace on the outside."
A rather deep thought for Christmas lighting. How about both?
I tried switching out the bulbs on the "JOY" sign. Now none of them light up.

So I decided for my own Christmas present this year I would buy some new marquee lighting.
Because I love words. Especially those that beam out goodness.
It would signify the new season that we are headed into with our move.
They arrived yesterday.

No H.
This only works if I am Burt from Mary Poppins.
Which I am not.

But somehow this seems to be where I am at.
Searching for complete PEACE, JOY and HOPE.
After a long recovery from broken feet, finishing out a stressful year of non-stop writing
and now launching into a new phase of family life....

I am almost there...but not quite.
I think that is where Jesus comes in.
I am half lit with longing.
Still healing with a sort of gangster limp.
(I got lapped by an 80 year old in a walker at the store the other day.)
Anxious for this move to be over and done with.
And I am asking Jesus to come into it all.
With the brightness of his love.

It is who He is.
It is what He does.

The One who was born in a stable, amid the muck and bellow of animal cries,
is used to bringing peace, joy and hope into crazy situations.
He does it with angel choirs and brilliant stars and extravagant gifts.
And He does it for you and me.

Loving us right where we are in the middle of our every day lives.
Bringing His glory and holiness...when we have none of our own.
And that is beautiful and heart wrenching, isn't it?
That He would leave the perfection of Heaven
and pierce the imperfection of our lives with His deep unshakable eternal love?

So this Christmas, I am filled with great heaps of gratitude.
Because of Who He is and what He has done on my behalf. And yours.
I am here, heart open, holding out hands to you, saying,
"Isn't it so good that He came?!!!
and "What in the world would we do without Him?"

So because of Jesus...on this cold December morning, I am wishing you truckloads of OY....
An overwhelming sense of OPE no matter what your every day looks like at the moment...
And an all-encompassing blanket of ACE on earth...goodwill towards men.

May the One who loves you most of all surround with you His Presence.

Merry Christmas!


northernpoet said...

Love it! We all need oy ope and ace at this time. May the Lord grant you an abundance of all three.

northernpoet said...

Love it! We all need oy ope and ace at this time. May the Lord grant you an abundance of all three.