Friday, January 6, 2017

Bring it on 2017!

If I am being honest, 2016 was not my favorite year.
I try to be upbeat but my health took a nose dive.
For about 12 months body thought it was 90 years old.
3 months of shingles. 2 months of physical therapy for my hips.
And 5 months of three broken toes and bent foot bones.
(Did you even know that you could bend your foot bones? It shouldn't be an option.)
And so it is with much joy that I sing very loudly
(and invite you to join me) in bidding adieu to 2016....
Hey! Hey! Hey!
I am super happy to see it go and with a slight gangster limp I am heading into 2017.
I have traded in my orthopedic shoes for Doc Martens and Converse.
Reinforced steel toe or rubber toe guard, anyone?
And I am ready for the "new" part of the new year.
I used to be adverse to change.
Now I am thinking....
BRING. IT. ON. 2017.
I am begging for some change.
Let's get some new and different up in here!
On the home front...we are moving into a tiny house in 3 weeks.
Bring it.
On the book front...Queen of the Universe and Hope Sings come out.
Bring it. And bring it.
On the speaking friend, Rene and I are co-teaching a morning track
at the Mount Hermon Christian Writer's conference....the conference we met at 17 years ago.
Bring it.
On the church front, I will starting our 12 year of leading kids ministry. With 3 new teachers in tow.
Thank you, Jesus. Bring it some more.
On the marriage front, Scott and I headed into our 21st year of marriage. We still like each other.
That is no small thing. Here is to more date nights as the kids get older.
Bring it.
2017 will usher in our youngest, Addison, leaving the cloistered halls of elementary school
and launching into junior high. Will will be a freshman in high school.
Jack will be two years away from college.
Am I in any way prepared for any of these new seasons this coming this year?
If 2016 is any
No, I am not.
Because life is crazy. It never goes the way you think it will
But it is also good.
That is going to be my focus this year...count on the crazy...lean into the goodness.
There will be some changes on the blog, facebook, pinterest, and the website.
Because...why not?
And I am launching the Susanna's Good Things Newsletter, coming your way each Friday, (because Friday is always good.) full of fun, encouragement and free books to giveaway!
You can sign up for it here.
I am excited about 2017! It is about to be brung. Bringed. Brought. You know what I mean.
Here is to a good crazy new year!

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