Tuesday, February 7, 2017

welcome to the crazy train

Kay Warren says that in the journey of life, the tracks of joy and sorrow run parallel.

It is not so much peaks and valleys.
She says that we experience the highs and lows of living simultaneously during this amazing ride.
There is so much wisdom and truth in recognizing that.

But I think there might be a third track. It is neither joy or sorrow.
It is the crazy track.
That loop-de-loop that comes at you out of nowhere, flings you up in the air,
whirls you head over heels and leaves you feeling undone.
Its not either happy or sad...it is the unpredictability of real living.
It leaves us breathless and with crazy hair. And sometimes unkempt eyebrows.
Maybe that is just me.
My personal grooming skills always take a hit when life is crazy

My third track right now is this looming move into a smaller home.
Our move date got pushed back since the kitchen at our new house is still being renovated.
So I am living with boxes for another month. And papers.
I would like to have my life sorted before we move.

This is my kitchen table right now. And a representation of what I feel like inside.

I will accept your pity at this time.

I have tax papers.
Insurance papers.
School papers.
Animal license papers.
A gift box to be sent out.
Organizational bins...that are clearly not being used.
Some plastic cutlery. In case I want to picnic.
The essential coffee cup.
Mint extract. Just because.
And some rice crackers. For snacking.
Because I need to nosh while I feeling wild inside.

Craziness comes in all shapes and sizes.

For my sister, Jenny, right now, it is sleep depravity with a one year old toddler.
She can't stop yawning. Or wanting to lay down.
She told me this week, "I can barely stay awake in the afternoon at work."
I have two words for her. Coffee. And Jesus.

She has both. Her Keurig is holding her mornings together.
And she told me that she regularly prays, "Help me, Jesus."
It is the only prayer that she can formulate.

But she takes it one step further and encourages herself, mid-loop-de-loop.
Immediately after she prays, she reminds herself,
"He IS helping me."

And He is.
The first line of Psalm 118:7 says, "The Lord is with me; He is my helper."
He is with Jenny. He is with me. He is with you.
In the craziness.

He is helping us. With His goodness. His love. His mercy.
And His unfathomable resources. With His light. With His grace.

He never gets off the ride. No matter how crazy.
Arms wrapped around us as we get ready to somersault through life,
He is saying, "Don't forget. I've got you."

And I feel He is unconcerned about eyebrows.
I think mostly He wants us to remember, no matter what loop-de-loop we are facing,
He is right there.
And His help? Makes me feel...hopeful.

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Barbara Lovell said...

Believe me, Susanna, you are on the right track. Life is a loop-de-loop, no matter your age or stage in this journey to heaven. I am 74 years old, and life is still fruitful every day, with small and large crises, grace from above, and the steadfast hope that tomorrow will be less overwhelming. But no matter how "uncontrollable" life may seem, I know who leads me on each day. Therefore, I feel safe and reassured that I will be okay. Jut wanted you to know that your publication on March 20, 2017 in "Mornings with Jesus" struck a real positive and hopeful cord with me. I am grateful for your contribution to the continuing spiritual Christian growth in my life. Hope your move will be filled with all kind of joy and peace.