Tuesday, March 28, 2017

You guys...the cat has gone rogue...

I don't know if it is appropriate to ask for prayers for a cat.
They are kind of haughty and prideful creatures.
They do their own thing. They can withhold their affection.
But we have to come to love one, especially, in our house.
His name is Toby.

We have had him for four years.
We got him a week after my dear friend Shelly died.
He has been a comfort. And a joy. And a source of laughter.
We especially appreciate the love/hate bond that he has formed with Flash, the dog.
They have been known to eat together and cuddle.
And when Flash gets too wild, Toby gives him a pop to the head and puts him in his place.

But when we had our crazy move two weeks ago, Toby went AWOL.
We were feeding him at our old rental until we could get into the new rental.
And there were tons of people coming in out of the house doing repairs.
People that were not us.
And took off.

He is a tomcat so he loves to roam.
It is not unusual for him to take off for a few days.
The boys thinks that he loves the ladies.
That may be true.
But this....this is unusual.
He has never been gone this long.
And we are sad.

I keep wondering, "What is he thinking? Does he think we abandoned him?"
I have cat guilt. I didn't even know that was a thing.
Pets work their way into the fabric of your lives and hearts and become
a part of your family story.
Now a furry piece of our story is missing.

We have been leaving food for him.
He is eating it. Or we are feeding an impostor raccoon. We don't know.

We go to the house multiple times a day. Calling him.
Doing our special whistle
that let's him know that there is food for him.
But he is off the grid.

We have alerted neighbors and texted them pictures. We have gone to  the SPCA. No luck.
Our next steps is hanging posters. Flash wants his cat back.

Will has had dreams about finding him. Toby used to sleep with him every night.
Addison wants to buy a security camera and stake out the back yard.
Their hearts are hurting.
Who knew you could miss a cat so much?

Jack asked me last night, "Have you given up yet? Toby had a good run."
I said, "Nope. Not yet."
We would like a longer run.

Somehow this new house will not quite feel right until that fat cat is lying, purring on the couch, hugging my shins and taking swings at his frenemy, Flash.

So we have been praying for Toby.
I know this may seem ridiculous to some of you.
I get it.
The world is in crisis...why am I wasting prayers on a feline?

I guess because....we love him.
He is ours.

And I figure if God cares about the sparrows and knows where each one is...
He knows where Toby is. He can take care of the world and Toby at the same time.

He has shut lions' mouths and spoken truth through a donkey
and used a whale as a form of transportation....
He has ways with His animals...He might send Toby home.
It is a small thing for Him to do but a big thing for us.

If by chance this doesn't happen,
we are also praying that Toby finds some new people to love him.
To cuddle him. And kiss him. And scratch him between the ears.

But Toby...if by chance you are on someone else's couch, eating their snacks
and reading this post...get your rear back home.
It's not the same without you. Don't be scared.
Addie promises to not squeeze you too hard when you get here.

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Lisa Woods said...

Any good news, Susanna?