Tuesday, April 24, 2007

just another crazy morning

My husband, went out of town to a conference.
So did his best friend who does carpool on Tuesdays.
But Scott forgot to tell me this.
This I find out at 8:00 this morning when Jack
is supposed to be at school at 8:15
because, of course, today they are testing and
they must not be late.
Have you ever seen a woman try and get herself and
three children dressed, fed and out the door in under
15 minutes?
It's not pretty. Let me re-phrase. I was not pretty.
The bad hair ratio was 3:1.
Jack, who was ready for school, looked fine.
Addison (1) had gelled his own hair with syrup.
Will (3) had gone to bed with damp hair and
looked a bit like Don King.
I, who had not yet showered, managed jeans and a sweatshirt
that had apparently been made for my kindergartener.
I whipped my hair into a ponytail, and headed out the door.
We made it just under the wire before the bell rang,
Will,with sleep encrusted eyes, and Addie with one shoe.
I shamed myself, my children and my husband with my appearance.
Nothing can be done about that.
As for Scott, he already knows not to come home without chocolate.


annE. said...

I'm picturing the whole scene! :) But I bet you didn't look nearly as crazy as you think. Maybe you had that Hollywood "I know my hair is slightly greasy & sticking out but I want it to look that way" look...... :)

Missing you greatly, my friend!

julie said...

"The bad hair ratio was 3:1." That totally cracked me up!

Thanks to your wonderful description, I've got this hilarious visual of you doing the 'flight of the bumblebee' thing while trying to get your family out the door.

When I was growing up, the red alert was always, "Kids, Dad's in the car!" That meant we needed to cease whatever we were doing and race for the car...because it was backing out of the driveway in mere seconds.

PS I agree with Anne, just walk with confidence and you can pull just about anything off. Believe me on this. I've got experience.

susanna said...

God bless you, Anne! I think I did look hideous but it's nice to know you think better of me.

Juj, you have seen a lot of bad hair on me...you knew me in the 80's...this was a comparable look but oilier. :)

upwords said...

Oh yeah. I know this scene. Add a few more kids, some good bronzer and some bigger hair and...that's me at deadline time! Don't tell. :X