Friday, February 29, 2008

baby talk

Addison will be 2 years old in 27 days.
He is running around, tackling his big brothers,
and saying words like "watch" and "poot" (poop).
He laughs when his brothers talk about gas and
other inappropriate subjects.
He wants to play with Thomas the Train and light sabers.
He is trying to manipulate legos - the kind for 7 years and up.
Addison is trying to be big.
He is trying to forget about being a baby
and starting in on being a big boy.
And I have to say, tsgs, that it breaks my heart.
I am a sappy susan when it comes to this.
Because he is my last. My last baby.
When we found out Addison would be our third boy,
Scott told me I could "pop this one out and try for a girl."
Firstly, there is no popping, for those of you who have birthed
people and know such things.
Secondly, after this last round of post-partum, I'm pretty sure
if I had #4 I would be sent off to a special place with padded walls,
and the children would have to visit mommy only on special days.
I think my child bearing days have come to a close.
Which means Addison's 2nd birthday is bearing down on me like a
locomotive because technically after they are two they really
begin to leave all things baby behind.
There is only one small glimmer of hope in all of this.
In the last month or so, Addie has been asking to "wock" (rock)
before he takes his nap or goes to bed at night.
So we hunker down in the rocker near his crib,
Addison sticks his forefinger in his mouth and we proceed to rock
and sing. Jesus loves me. Jesus loves the little children.
Or his most recent request - Bet. Or we hsm2 lovers refer to it -
Bet on it. Interesting choice for a lullaby, I know.
And so, even though Addie is big in so many ways.
When we rock, we are nose to nose, heart to heart,
mommy and baby for just a little while longer.
And it just doesn't get any better than that.


FrazzMom said...

I would pay to be a fly on your wall listening to you rock your baby boy while singing HSM2 songs!

I know how you feel with the babies growing up. I has a sobbing wreck the day my youngest started kindergarten. I'm pretty sure the teacher did consider sending for the men in the white coats.

Nowadays- I would pay to be put away for a few days. And solitary confinement- the ultimate vacation. Man I need to get away...

Lindsey said...

I must still be hormonal (I just had my 2nd baby 6 months ago). Your posts nearly always make me tear up and cherish my little ones.

You are so right. Time flies. I'm doing my best to hold my kiddos tightly and enjoy this ride. It just passes so quickly.

Jessi said...

I completely understand; my 'baby' just turned 3. I took time to linger and cherish all the baby things. I tend to want to look back and remember all the fond, happy things (not necessarily the crying and every-2-hour feedings through the night - the final straw that closed the deal for my childbearing stage). But suddenly, while feeling all nostalgic, I am at the same time seeing an amazing brightness - like a whole new kingdom of freedom unfolding before my very eyes. I am now done with diapers...I can send them all out to play by themselves (when they're all together at least)...I can lock myself in my bedroom/bathroom, take a bubble bath and watch "The View" for an hour and leave the oldest in charge (I did that 2 weeks ago) - yes, while definitely sad, it's also a happy time that occasionally makes me want to do a happy dance.

Quite conflicting are the emotions of this stage...

susanna said...

You are all so right...about needing a vacation....being hormonal....and getting excited about the new diaper free freedom just around the corner! Life just never gets boring does it?

angela said...

My "baby" just lost her first two teeth:( But I've got her well trained...when I say, "you are getting so big," she responds, "but I'll be your baby forever." It helps a little.

Brianna said...

Sue, it is kind of heart breaking to see them grow up. Just in January we said goodbye to the binkie, and while it was a good thing, it was also kind of sad, because we subsequently said goodbye to the almost obsessive curl twirling that went along with it. She would do it so much sometimes that her finger would get stuck and I would have to untangle it from her hair. However on the flip side, today we were treated to pedicures in preparation for my sisters wedding next weekend, and a baby girl wouldnt sit through getting her finger and toe nails painted, but a toddler girl trying to be a big girl will happily sit through getting pink paint and flowers on her nails, it was pretty fun! Just gotta cherish every step along the way :)