Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a morning in the life of a tired supergirl

6:55 Cell phone alarm goes off
6:55 Hit snooze and thank God I'm not going walking today
7:05 Hit snooze again
7:15 Turn off phone altogether
7:20 Roll out of bed and lumber into kitchen like an angry momma bear
woken too early from her winter sleep
7:25 Wake children
7:30 Begin making breakfast
7:40 Wake children again
7:41 Wake husband and remind him it is his turn to take his eldest to school
7:45 Call children for breakfast
7:46 Inform Will that as of yesterday, he DID like cheese on his scrambled
eggs and ask him exactly why his tongue has changed its mind in 24 hours
7:50 Make Jack's lunch denying requests for m&ms to be the main course
7:51 Remind Jack that if his homework plans on making it to school it
needs to be in his back pack
7:52 Remind Will that eating requires opening one's mouth
and putting the food inside
8:00 Dress Addison - he thinks breakfast is a fashion accessory
8:15 Shoo husband and Jack out the door, make coffee which should
have been done much earlier since non-coffee anxiety is setting in
8:30 Sit down with coffee and look over the bills
8:47 Cry
8:48 Lay hands on the bills and pray they will miraculously go away
8:50 Re-heat coffee as it has grown cold during the crying
9:00 Jump in the shower praying no one is wounded or loses an eye
during the 2 minutes I am in the shower
9:02 Yell at the children to stop pounding on the door while I am
taking my 2 minute shower
9:04 Throw on clothes, shoes and concealer in no particular order
9:12 Take note that Will has paired last night's sweats with a fresh shirt
9:13 Go with it...it's just pre-school...not a fashion show
9:18 Hustle kids to the car
9:25 Check Will into class - note that no other children have paired
sleep sweats with fresh shirts....it's all good
9:33 Head home with Addison
9:38 Set up train track to keep Addison occupied
9:47 Get new cup of coffee
9:48 Chat with Scott about the bills from hell
9:55 Start eleventy millionth load of laundry
9:55 1/2 Notice there is water surrounding the washer about an inch deep
like a laundry island
9:56 Mop up the laundry island...make note to call land lord
9:58 Discover Addison has somehow popped the top on a bottle of
pepto-bismal caplets and eaten one like candy
9:58 Scream up towards the heavens, "Addie, NO!"
9:58 Shave 2.7 years off of Scott's life with said heavenward scream
9:59 Call poison control
10:00 Feel reassured to know that Addie is fine and would have to eat
100s of caplets before being affected
10:01 Wonder why poison control wants my name, phone number and city
that I live in...it's never good to wonder too much
10:01 Curse the child proof cap from the pepto-bismal bottle
that Addie twisted OFF that I can not twist ON
10:03 Go for tea...coffee is obviously not doing it's job
10:05 Breathe
10:08 Thank God for earl grey....some mornings can feel like a lifetime


Lindsey said...

A few things I noticed from your post:

1. I think M&Ms should be a main course too:)
2. Love that you "lay hands" on your bills. Please let me know if this works.
3. Do you remember what it was like to take a really long shower with no interruptions?? I don't though I certainly long for one.
4. Have you ever heard the country song "Just Another Day in Paradise"? I can't remember who sang it, but it SO fits your day. I'm not a big country music fan, but it is a really funny and cute song (plus it will make you laugh)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Hope your afternoon was better than your morning. Otherwise, I would suspect a 4:03 entry that said, "Just poured my third rum and Coke; it's having no impact."

susanna said...

Lindsey - I agree with you about the shower....I never take a shower without the fear that someone is going to die...it makes it hard to relax! I'll have to look into the song! :)
Kelly - can I say that I laughed out loud when I read about the rum and coke....as for my afternoon nothing tragic other than the fact that I found out that Scott showed the kids a new way to clean their room (interpretation: stuff everything under the bed). God bless him.

LeeAnn (AKA Frazzmom) said...

When my kids were younger, I actually called poison control so many times that I was afraid that CPS was going to open a file on me!

That was before a friend (who happens to be a social worker) told me that it's the parents who DON'T call poison control that they are more worried about...

Hope your day gets better... Know that folks are praying for you!

Marie-France said...

I am tired just reading about your
morning...it sounds a lot like mine!
been trying to call you-You could've squeezed in a phone call in between reminding your kids to eat and your millionth load of laundry! Love ya. MF

Jekissa said...

We've been dealing with days like yours around here for while...both kids have pink eye and act like we are actually killing them when we have to put the eye drops in. It is so good to read your blog and laugh at the reality that is our lives right now. Hopefully you have some chocolate on hand! (I just found some halloween candy in the back of my pantry. A little Snickers and a full size Reese's PB cup. Jackpot!) PS-the song from Lindsey is by "Diamond Rio" and is a great one! Even if you're not big on country.

angela said...

Just an idea...sleep in until 10.

Lora said...

Don't worry, Sue. A couple of months ago, as I was driving away from dropping the kids off at school, I all of sudden noticed that not only had Josiah slept in yesterday's clothes, but he was now returning the next day to school in the SAME CLOTHES! Bad, bad mom! Fortunately, he's my third, so I just laughed :)

Ronda said...

I love reading your blog and the comments. They brighten my day and remind me of my previous life when my kids were young. I've been dealing with my father, grandfather and father-in-law who have all been in the hospital this month and having health issues.

Jessi said...

I love, love, love your posts. They make me feel so normal!

Lindsey said...

Phil Vassar sings "Just Another Day in Paradise." It's worth your time. Maybe you could listen to this as you chug your bourbon...er, I mean, your Earl Grey tea.