Monday, February 25, 2008

lovey dovey

So I just got this new CD by Dave Barnes, Chasing Mississippi.
It is new to me but old to everyone else since apparently,
he has a new album, me, you and the world, coming out,
but I like to stay a good 2 years behind the times.
And I heart this CD. I really do.
Because some of the music reminds me of Stevie Wonder, and
there's a touch of Harry Connick in there and then there is the fact
that this man wrote this entire album about his girl.
And can you get any more romantic than that?
No. I don't think so.
He spends the whole album singing about how much he loves this girl.
And if you strip back the years of birthing, church planting,
youth pastoring, moving cross country and moving back across country,
you will find in me, the heart of a girl that beats thick with love
for romance and a good love story.
My own story, of course, is my favorite.
Scott said I hunted him down
and trapped him like a small woodland creature.
This is a statement I will neither confirm nor deny.
But I will say, that listening to the words of the first song,
where Dave "super love" Barnes tells his girl,
So you think that you are something
And it looks that you might be
I overheard you need a hero
Girl, that sounds a lot like me
and then segues to a bee-gees like descant singing
You can go but I'm gonna stay, I wanna be here
meaning that he is so very in love that he can't possibly leave,
well, it just doesn't get any better than that.
It brings to mind that moment on a cool March night
when all the flirting and hanging out with Scott
came into focus for me,
like a Bruce Willis 6th sense
"oh it is all unbelievably clear now" kind of scenario except without
the dead people.
I realized I was being sought.
Chased, if you will, by a boy.
That Scott was LIKE liking MORE than a friend even.
Sweet hosannas.
And that is what turns a girl's heart to butter, tsgs,
melting it 400 ways from Sunday,
when all of the sudden she realizes there is a boy out there wanting her.
People, this album is like a love revival.
Obviously, I don't have enough date nights.
And obviously, I shouldn't see too many romantic comedies
or I will be good for nothing and forget to cook for my children
and want to sit on the couch and eat bon bons all day
and write my name and Scott's name with hearts around it.
But every once in a while, it's a whole lot of fun
to remember how it all got started.

Here's a little peek at Dave Barnes....he sings great and he's funny, too.
God bless him.

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angela said...

If you are two CDs behind the times then I'm at least three. I usually don't mind, but this guy is so good I wished I'd found him sooner. Maybe I would have if my kids let me listen to the radio instead of Veggie Tales and Kids Praise 5. Okay, so sometimes I listen to their CDs even when they're not around, but I might have to start mixing it up. I too am a sucker for the kind of love that doesn't involve wiping snotty noses and doing recess duty. Though that kind is pretty amazing, as well.